Some Things About the Internet of Things

The Champion
January - February 2018  
Government, Private Industry, and Symbiotic Surveillance:
Realigning 4th Amendment Challenge in Search Immersion Nation

NACDL White Collar Seminar Materials
September 2017  
A Beginner's Guide to Surveillance, Digital Security, and the Privilege

Private Investigator Magazine
March 2017  
A Beginner's Guide to Surveillance, Digital Security, and the Privilege

The Champion
August 2016  
NACDL Comments on Proposed Changes to Rule 41

NACDL Submission to the Advisory Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure
the Judicial Conference of the United States
February 17, 2015  
Trial Tactics: Recorded Evidence

India Law Journal
January - July Issue 2013  
Waiter, There Really is a Drone in My Soup!
The Coming Mirco-Robotic Disruption of Personal Security and Privacy

Undercover Quarterly
June 5, 2012  
Uncovering Defenses in Undercover Recordings

The Champion
September, 2012  
Smartphones & Stubborn Companies:
The Interwoven Histories of Apple and RIM

Law Technology News
April 23, 2012
Cold, Coons, or Punks? What the Zimmerman 911 Tapes
Tell Us About the Selective Perception of Recorded Speech

Undercover Quarterly
April 10, 2012
Into the Future of Litigation Technology

Texas Lawyer Magazine &
Criminal Practice Newletter

August 26, 2009

PACER and the Whole Truth of the Court Record

Amercian Bar Association Litigation Section
Criminal Practice Newletter

Winter 2008

Digital Evidence as Media
and Media as Evidence

Criminal Justice Magazine
Spring 2004

Technology and Policy in the Defense of Terrorism Cases

International Conference on Technology
and Policy Implications of Courtroom Technology

Winter 2004

Simply Computing

Law Technology News,
July 29th, 2002

Digital Media in Litigation

Law Technology News, 2001

Using Technology to Construct Your Future Litigation Practice

Law Technology News, May 2000

Creating a New 'Virtual Guild' for Lawyers
Law Technology News, February 2000

Now's the Time to Jump Aboard the Web
Law Technology News, January 2000

Information that Shows Up, Not Shows Off
Law Technology News
, November 1999

The Art of Animating Evidence
Law Technology News, September 1999

'Bandwidth' in the Courtroom
Law Technology News, August 1999

Six Secrets for Savvy Courtroom Technology
Law Technology News, July 1999

Lawyers, the Future and the Art of Change
Law Technology News, June 1999

Size Matters Less Than Smarts in the Courtroom
Law Technology News, May 1999

The Challenge of Technology in the New Practice of Law
Ohio Northern University Law Review, Volume 25 Number 4, 1999.

Technology and Advocacy in the New Technology Courtroom
Southwestern University Law Review,  Volume 28  Number 2,  1999

Bridge Over the Millennium: From Information Revolution to Information Renaissance
ABA's Law Practice Management Magazine, November 1997

Lawyers, the Future and the Art of Change
New York State Bar Journal, May/June 1996

Winning the Information Revolution
ABA Journal, July 1995

Committee Caucus: Science and Technology
Criminal Justice, Spring 1995

Remembering the Human Factor
ABA Journal, February 1995

A Practical Guide to Professional Computing
Litigation Applications Magazine, Spring 1993

The Age of Innovation Innocence -- Are We Too Rich to Remember or Too Smart to Forget?
Quarterdeck Magazine, Column: Open Thinking, Fall 1992

Personal Computing & the Lawyer: New Teeth for the Old Tiger?
The Champion & Indiana Defender, March 1990

Technical Tape Tactics - Defending Your Client in the Audio/Video War
Drug Law Report, September 1989

Book review of Corporate Criminal Liability
The Champion
, April 1986

Book review of President's Commission on Organized Crime; The Cash Connection: Organized Crime, Financial Institutions and Money Laundering
The Champion
, April 1985

Book review of White Collar Crime and Business Crimes
The Champion
, 1984

Book review of The Puzzle Palace: Behind the Palace Doors
The Champion,

Book review of The Law of Electronic Surveillance; Wiretapping and Eavesdropping
The Champion,
May 1984

Electronic Surveillance in Drug-Related Cases
Drug Law Report, March-April 1983

Business Crimes: A Guide for Corporate and Defense Counsel
The Champion, January-February 1983

Operation Wordscam: How Uncle Sam Listens with an Open Mouth
The National Law Journal, September 27, 1982

Techniques of Incrimination: How the Government Makes It's Tapes
The National Law Journal, August 1, 1982

Trial Tactics: Tape Recorded Evidence
The Forum (Journal of the California Attorneys For Criminal Justice), July/August 1982

Ask Not for Whom the Tape Plays, It Plays for Thee: Trial Tactics and Tape Recorded Evidence
The Voice (Journal of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association), June 1982

How to Send Prosecutors Reeling With Their Own Taped Evidence
National Law Journal, October 5, 1981

Tapes in Trial: Successful New Approaches to 
Criminal Defense Against Tape Recorded Evidence

National Law Journal, September 1, 1981