We work with other attorneys in many different roles. Whatever our contribution, our singular objective is to break the hidden code in each case that demonstrates how the facts we have can be persuasive of the outcome we seek. The true measure of our value is how we help change the game to the client's best advantage.

We can function as of counsel to your firm, as consulting attorneys or as co-counsel. We have been hired by private attorneys, corporate counsel, court appointed lawyers and public defenders. We have been retained as litigation consultants to evaluate firms' ongoing review projects and to give expert testimony regarding the organization and preparation of massive document and recorded evidence cases. We prefer engagements that deal with the substance of the case to the more restrictive contribution of an expert witness.

Our methods work best when the discovery review, organization and analysis are designed and conducted in constant dialogue with trial counsel. To provide the best foundation for success in the courtroom, we build a process of strategic review and tactical analysis that adapts to changing circumstances until a verdict is returned.

We can successfully integrate the most complex and extensive discovery research projects into a single law office, or we can distribute the review process among as many teams in different locations as the case demands. We can also build out work sites where a common discovery review and analysis can proceed on behalf of multiple clients and their counsel, tailoring our work to their individual needs.

We know how to motivate, educate and innovate one on one, and we also know how to monitor, manage and energize the workflow of discovery assessment in remote locations. We focus upon maintaining a cohesive vision of what we expect our teams to accomplish, whether we are working together in a single room or guiding their work from a distance. Our primary goal is to find the most efficient, economical and strategic ways in which we can support and assist your success in a complex case.